Maximizing energy efficiency is a constant duty for RPS AEROSPACE. We work every day to make our UAVs as efficient as possible, in order to increase operating range and mission capabilities.
The RPS AEROSPACE’ Power Efficiency program starts from a clear fact: every multirotor has an efficiency between 81% and 62%, really poor.
The particular aerodynamic shape of DISCOVERY’s central body permits a 10% increase of total lift in cruise attitude and the advanced retractable landing gear gives the 15% reduction of frontal area impact during flight.
Additive technologies are under development to get shape optimization and substantial weight reduction of structural metal parts, with direct implications on energy absorption and UAV’s performances.
Upside down propellers configuration increase efficiency due to a significant reduction of vortex around engine supports, cutting an 8% of typical power loss. 
Last but not least, storage energy. High efficiency Li-on generators, equipped with an advanced monitoring system of their entire lifecycle ,guarantees the maximum capacity under high-stress conditions.
Thanks to the RPS AEROSPACE “NET-CHARGE” program we expect to be able to exceed limits of batteries and fly along distances which are considered impossible to cover until now with lightweight UAVs.
For someone are details, for us are challenges.